Released in 2018, this album explores songs created for the expression of voice.

Never before have I made a body of work in music, where I felt so called to share my creative process, intentions and experiences making it. Ultimately these 4 songs on the album now belong to you. You will gather your own feelings on them separate to mine, and be drawn to the ones that naturally resonate with you. And especially so for those involved in the wide and wonderful world of therapeutic healing practices; such as energy medicine, breathwork, yoga, reiki, end of life care, micro dosing folks will likely instantly know where to use each of these songs in service to others. This is very much a medicine album, and I would encourage finding a quiet space, time and place to tune in and absorb it, either as one body, or as individual songs.

Each song was channeled in connection with very different beings and source energies that moved through my voice and body, and each one was very clear in their mission. My husband Patrick and I ended up playing every note on this album, which made the process creating it feel so much more personal and connected to each other than any music we have made together before. To give the lay of the land, here are the essences and messages of the songs as they came to me to be expressed. My wish, is that you find and connect with the songs on this album that call to you, and that they contribute to your peace, practices, well being, and most of all your heart.

The Rising

This song always felt like the way to welcome in the album, as it dives into the very heart of the breath itself, using the rise of the inhale and the fall of the exhale as the guiding force for my voice. It weaved itself into my life by asking me to move into a feeling of being suspended in time, drifting across the sky and floating around way out in the cosmos, letting go of thought and focus, taking long deep breaths through the voice, and melting into essence. It was a journey to the vastness of time and space, and its cosmic vibe pulled me to rise up, meet it out there, dance with it, and then softly settle back down to earth.

The Blessing

This one pulled me to fall into a more trance like state, and it felt like it came from the very root of my body. I had to hold the energy as steady as the earth beneath my feet, so I could allow my voice to reach up when it needed to, without taking me out of the grounded feeling. It felt like an ancestral wisdom was present, and I saw a figure laying down in front of me on a high table, ready to receive the music. So I tuned into their heartbeat that wanted to be heard. This song is made for a transition from one chapter to the next, a defining moment of change from one state to another.

The Channel

For those of you that are familiar with songs encompassing a traditional mantra, you will know the words I sing here. I became very drawn to this mantra, called to sing it and compose the music for it and let it express itself. Only after recording it did I discover its deeper meanings, translations and its message. This was so wonderful for me to express in voice and song, because I was able to just feel it while recording it, without the weight of knowing fully what it meant. For those of you that want a literal translation, I encourage you to explore your own meaning from it, but here is where I settled on interpretation;

OM TAT SAT - All That Is - We remind ourselves and others that we are much more than just a body and mind. We hold in our awareness the truth that we are both an individual being and also a higher consciousness; that there is a vast absolute consciousness that is both invisible and present at the heart of all manifested forms.

NAMAHA - It Is Not About Me - When Namaha is part of a mantra, it reminds us that we are part of the universe and that we can gain peace by reflecting on the notion that a person is not in control of his/her life or the universe, and that we can give ourselves over to a higher power or the higher self, removing the focus from ourselves.

The Healing

And this last song, well, it felt like all of the Angels were here. They came to me in a wave, gathered me up and asked everything of me I had to give. They asked that I completely surrender to them, and it took several days for me to allow that to fully happen, because it was such a powerful and light force energy to work with and become. I will never forget that feeling of being taken into their embrace and guided. Its title, The Healing, was known to me from the very beginning, and its message was as clear as it could be. I will always feel honoured to have held this one, and for all those transformative moments that came through for me to create it.



In 2016, I began writing and recording the Musical Meditation Series with my husband and longterm collaborator Patrick Glynn. We had been performing live a lot that year, accompanying so many different mediums of the healing arts, and as a result, had naturally started to shift into playing music together in a more free form way. We experimented with letting go of the structures of our songs and moving into improvisation.

Inspired by these new explorations, we recorded 5 songs; Harmony, Grace, Peace, Unity and Synergy. The songs were released over the course of following two years, and the series was completed in January 2018.



Released in 2015, this is an album of modern chants, movements and meditations.

Alongside being a singer and musician for many years, I had also been immersed in the practices of yoga, meditation and creative channeling, and this was the album where my worlds came together to be expressed.

Much like making my lullaby album, I wanted to write the music so I could explore a fresh take on an established genre; this time by diving into the world of spirit music, or better known to some, as new age. I used traditional instruments to record it, with the harmonium holding the center, and kept the rest of the instrumentation as organic as possible using piano, violas, the french horn and acoustic guitars to accompany my voice.

It was a wild and deeply fulfilling experience making this album, and at the time, I had no idea that it was going to open up the door and become such a huge part of my journey creating music in this field. This marked a major shift in my life in how I saw and experienced the absolute wonder and power of music to help heal, free the mind and contribute to people’s well being.



Released in the winter of 2015, this single was released as an alternative to the album version. A video was made to go with the new recording and it explores how a piece of music can be developed and expressed in different ways.



Released in 2013, All Became Golden is an audiovisual album, conceived by Jain and director Natalie Johns, with music arranged by Nico Muhly.

In this innovative project, Jain's spare and elegant songs are invigorated by Muhly’s tailored arrangements and the backing of a classical orchestra. Inspired by Frank Sinatra's recording process, a small audience was invited to witness these live orchestral recordings in the beautiful DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City.

The film documents the group as they convene to simultaneously rehearse, perform and record the album, allowing a rare glimpse of the joy, risk, generosity and blind faith inherent in acts of creative collaboration.

This album is available in both audio and video formats.



Released in 2011, this is a beautiful album of original lullabies for children, parents, (and anyone else) written and recorded by Essie Jain;

I’ve been playing music and singing songs for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to perform all over the world. The thing that struck me the most during my travels, was how often people told me that they felt soothed, calmed and comforted when I sang to them.

At the same time, my family and friends back home had started to have children. It became apparent to me that they were always looking for new music to soothe their babies at nap and bedtime, and as a result of hearing the same album for the hundredth time, they were quietly going crazy listening to songs that were working for their little ones, but certainly didn’t do it for them. It was then I realised what my next project would be……..

This record is made for every parent and every baby (and anyone else) who needs to rest and head off into the land of sleep. The record is designed to unwind itself as it goes along, as the music becomes softer and more relaxed, eventually becoming as instrumental as the heart beat.



Released in 2006, this is Essie Jain's debut record. An album of glacial delights, with a quiet, powerful minimalism.