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Join Breathwork Healer + Reiki Master, Briana Ryan with musicians Essie Jain and Patrick Glynn for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience into voice, breathwork and guided relaxation accompanied by energy healing. 

Bringing voice and breath together, accompanied by live instruments, we will sing as one body to create a meditative wave of voices, allowing us to become a part of the music. Opening and working with ourselves through the sounds of the throat chakra, the place where we reveal our deepest truths to the world, our yes and our no, helps us to uncover where we may have felt held back in any way, things we may not have revealed to ourselves or others, as we set free what comes to the surface to be acknowledged and then expressed fully. 

After singing together, we will settle onto our mats, supported by props and blankets, to allow this practice and the vibrations we have created to be fully absorbed. Briana will then take us on a journey of deep and transformative breathwork, opening our heart chakras enabling us to process and release unhealthy emotional patterns, old traumas, grief and anger while connecting us to our creativity and innate knowing. Essie and Patrick will create gorgeous harmonies and textures using voice, guitar, harmonium and pedals to guide and deepen your experience. 

Essie will close by singing a blessing, as we let go into a long and dreamy final relaxation while Briana performs Reiki on the room. To close, we will rise up together to sit in the quiet of meditation. Feel free to join us in voice, or simply rest and absorb this most beautiful practice into your being. 

Please bring a mat, a blanket, wear comfortable clothing you can rest in, and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

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Ra Ma East 1746 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

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