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Join Fern Olivia, Thyroid Yoga® founder, Reiki healer and Intuitive, in collaboration with Musicians Essie Jain and Patrick Glynn, for a transformative workshop that will reveal, release and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. 

Through breath, movement, energy healing and aromatherapy, all immersed in the sweet harmony of live music, we will create a space where you can move, relax, reset, and recenter yourself gently and lovingly. Long holds in poses, deep stretches, and the support of yoga props, will help to facilitate an unwinding of the body and surrender into bliss.

Using Voice, Harmonium, Guitar and Pedals, Essie and Patrick will create a landscape of organic instruments to resonate with each movement and asana, as Fern guides you on an insightful and gentle journey through movement and meditation. We will then transition into a deep unfolding of the body for a relaxing series of restorative poses, where Fern will anoint each of us with her lovingly handcrafted organic essential oils to balance and ground us. 

As you sink deeper into the practice, immersed in the comfort of Essie Jain's beautiful voice, you will open into an experience of deep relaxation, receiving Reiki energy healing and light touch to profoundly support your healing. Reiki Therapy enables you to access your innate healing energies so that you are able to avoid distress or disease and achieve states of deep relaxation and healing by yourself. Similar to restorative yoga, Reiki Therapy works on all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual elements, to help reduce stress, anxiety and other ailments

When Restorative yoga, Essential Oils, Reiki and the vibrations of music are incorporated into a single practice, your whole body is brought into a deep relaxed state, allowing your mind to become quiet and reflective, bringing your mind, body, and soul into blissful balance. 

In this Transformative Workshop You Will:
Access your intuitive healing power through a guided meditation
Learn how to activate the Rest and Rejuvenate Response through deeply supported healing Yoga postures
Receive Reiki energy healing, light touch and aromatherapy to profoundly support your healing
Immerse in sacred music to resonate to the tissues, organs and bones of your body with healing vibrations
Re-train the energy flow in your body to ultimately help you to reclaim your wholeness and feel balanced and blissful!

Come with a willingness to let go of what is no longer serving you whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. All levels of physical ability are welcome.

*Essential oils will be available for purchase for those who wish to take their experience home and create a daily healing ritual.

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Native Hotel 28920 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA

Earlier Event: October 11
Later Event: October 13