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So glad to be a musical part of this. 

"One of the best things I've seen to come out of the devastation we're all feeling in light of the election results is the strength and love of our communities. We're all in such deep pain, genuinely shocked as we experience a grieving process we hadn't anticipated, and more or less at a loss when it comes to planning our next steps; be that as it may, we are showing such profound love for each other in this place of unknowns. We're holding each other close. We're crying together. We're doing our best to be strong for those who need us.

It's truly a remarkable thing to experience, and it's inspired me to hold a space for all of us in this community of movers. Anyone who lives a movement-oriented lifestyle knows that movement heals—especially in conjunction with music—and when it's a shared experience with a large group, it's nothing short of energetic magic that takes place.
This paired with the fact that this community is home to so many of this election result's most targeted groups (the LGBTQ+ community, racial/ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, etc.) was enough for me to understand that we all really, really need each other right now" - Sara Bex

So let's come together. Here's the plan:

1) We'll begin with an open discussion about how we're feeling, exchanging stories if inspired, putting out ideas about what we can do specific to our professions/roles as we move forward, talking about our responsibilities as artists/movers/educators/etc. when it comes to being of service to our communities;

2) then we'll move into a meditative introduction to finding those voices through movement;

3) then we'll get to it with a super beautiful, feel-good improv jam (i.e., move however you want for two hours, with some guidance if desired; but seriously, you can approach this through dance improvisation and groove in your own weird way, or go through a yoga flow, etc... it's completely up to you). For the movement portion, we will be graced by the soothing musical magic of Essie Jain and her husband/fellow magical musician, Patrick.

WHEN: Friday, November 18th from 8-10pm (If you have to come late/leave early, no worries. Please still come.)

WHERE: Arts On Site — 12 St Marks Place, #3F, NY, NY

WHO: Open to anyone and everyone. Dancers, non-dancers, yogis, etc.; you can come to participate or just come to observe and you will still be such a huge contributor to the conversation and the energy we cultivate towards healing and igniting a means to move forward.

COST: Suggested donation of $10 (cash) *all proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood and GLSEN* *Feel free to give what you can/as you please and know that you will not be turned away if you can't donate.*

Earlier Event: November 18
Later Event: November 23